I have personally used this equipment and let me tell you the difference between ArcLite and a peep light. The comfort of its ability to be able to dim and brighten at the flick of a button sets the bar in my opinion. ArcLite has no cords and is able to be controlled completely from the wheelhouse without the assistance of a deckhand. This is a must for the future of towboating. The safety and reliability of crews and equipment will determine our future. I give ArcLite a 10.

Sean McDonald, Trip pilot

The ArcLite is an amazing product for nighttime navigation. I’ve had the pleasure of using the ArcLite for a full thirty days hitch without one single problem. The battery life alone would be enough for me to recommend this product to my fellow towboaters, thirty days without changing batteries! It also comes with a remote control! With the remote you can turn the ArcLite on and off, and control the brightness from the wheelhouse. 1200 feet of tow… no problem! The ArcLite is tough and durable. It’s easy to set up and saves the deckhands a lot of steps. What I like the most about the ArcLite is that it doesn’t interfere with oncoming traffic. The reason is because it only shines in one direction. It’s not an all around light like all the others. The ArcLite uses one powerful blue LED bulb that you control. If you forget to turn it off, no problem. It has a daytime/nighttime sensor. You can’t beat it! There is currently no other product on the market like it. Period. Convenience. Durability. Dependability. The ArcLite is your maritime lighting solution.

Capt. Bryan Parker

The ArcLite is an amazing device that I had the privilege of trying out in its early development. We, as an industry, can all benefit from its use, the first being deckhand safety. I proudly recommend it.

Capt. Jackie L Burns

I work on a towboat and this is by far the best swing light I’ve ever seen. It’s remote controlled so we don’t have to constantly go out and adjust the light for the captain. The battery life is just awesome. It took about 26 days before we even had to change the batteries in it. Another thing is that most swing lights are either cheap and complete crap or they are really expensive and solar powered (which doesn’t always work especially when it’s cloudy or raining), and this light is basically in the middle cost wise but it’s definitely better than any other light out there. It’s just an awesome product and I would like to see more and more boats ordering and using it.

Justin Higginbotham, Deckhand

I myself had the opportunity to use ArcLite and loved it’s capabilities! Being able to adjust the brightness of your swing light while underway is highly useful in our industry for many reasons, with safety being most important. On many occasions I’ve had to send a crew member on deck at night to put tape over the currently used swing light during those dark nights. I will personally be pushing for this product to take hold in the towing industry as standard equipment!

Capt. Adam Shelton

This aid to navigation is vital! The settings alone set this light apart from anything I have experienced in my 20 years of being a mariner! The convenience of the light is jelling well with the changes the industry is making. The dim settings, not having to change batteries, the range of the light, the “on and off” settings controlled by a remote. ArcLite has set a new standard for navigating a tow. It is a must that this product is used. It’s competition is outdated. ArcLite is the future. The crew and myself enjoy the luxury it brings on a night to night basis, and we do not see a reason to go back to using a “peep light”.

Capt. Trey Davis

Using ArcLite was good because it eliminates the hassle of going out to the head of tow anytime a light may need to be adjusted for various reasons, such as the light is too bright and needs to be turned to dim it  (or in some cases, add blue tape to dim the light) or the battery runs out and has to be replaced. ArcLite is also safer due to the fact it has no external battery, where otherwise one would have to go out, at night usually, and attach wires to a battery, on a chemical barge, for the old peep lights to work. ArcLite easily attaches as well with the provided strap, which holds the light securely in place and doesn’t limit placement to just a jackstaff. I’d recommend the use of the ArcLite to anyone.

Cody Ayo, Deckhand

I was fortunate enough to have been able to try out ArcLite for a while and was very impressed with its utility. There is no product like it on the market. I was easily able to adjust the brightness from the wheelhouse on a 900ft tow. This means that I could turn it up in high light conditions and down in low light conditions without having to send someone out to manually adjust the light. Another great feature is battery life.  The ArcLite never seemed to run out of juice. It just keeps going and going. I highly recommend ArcLite and personally would never use any standard peep light again.

Capt. Rob Collins

Arclite is a sustainable tool that our industry can benefit from. It is safe, durable and has outstanding battery life. I will personally recommend this product as safety continues to move forward in our industry.

Capt. Buck Hill

With the safety changes going on Arclite is an absolute necessity to continue our goal of achieving zero harm. It is maintenance free keeping deckhands from long, dangerous walks on tow at night, and we used the same batteries throughout my 4 week hitch. Talk about a budget! It is a great product and I will recommend its use to my towboat family.

Capt. T Boy

The Arclite is state of the art. No more cord, tape, or turning! And the money you save on batteries! There is no product like it. It is remote controlled from the pilot house and you can set it to whatever brightness you prefer while in the wheelhouse, and you turn it on/off when you get to dock or fleet. I recommend this product and will not return to traditional swing lights.

Capt. Terry Jones

Arclite is awesome! So dank!

Alex B., Tankerman