ArcLite Navigation LLC is proud to present the newest, safest, and most cost efficient barge navigation lighting in the industry.

home-page-img-1With our cutting edge technology and state of the art innovation, we have engineered and patented the first long range remote controlled barge steering light. Intrinsically safe for red flag unit tows, and suitable for single, long, and heavy tows; the pilot can now adjust the brightness to his or her standards during any visibility conditions.

ArcLite allows you to regulate brightness levels from the safety of the wheelhouse, keeping the deck crew high & dry, out of danger, and off tow at night. With our patented remote control capabilities, 10 dimming settings at your fingertips, and automatic daytime shut off; it is our goal to help prevent accidents and injuries while safely guiding pilots through the night, navigating in the harshest of marine environments.

With three generations of maritime in the family, and still actively involved in the industry, believe me we know. This product is “Towboat Made & Towboat Approved”! Join the ArcLite Team today and order yours online and at select Marine supply stores nationwide.